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Coconut and Coir Products

Reichwerde Industries, since its foray into the coconut shell charcoal plant in 2014, has swiftly diversified its operations to encompass the utilization of various coconut waste products. Notably, the company ventured into the manufacturing of coir pith blocks, leveraging the abundant resources available. Recognizing the substantial waste generated, Reichwerde Industries strategically moved towards vertical integration by processing fully husked and semi-husked coconuts. This proactive approach not only optimized waste management but also facilitated the expansion of their product range. By 2019, they commenced exporting these coconut products, swiftly establishing themselves as a prominent player in the coconut and byproduct export market from Tamil Nadu. Today, Reichwerde Industries stands tall as one of the foremost exporters in the region, synonymous with quality and innovation.


Coconut and Coir Products

  • Fully Husked Coconut

  • Semi Husked Coconuts

  • 5Kg Coir Pith Block

  • 650 gram Briquette

  • Coir Disc

Coir Pith Block

Coir pith specification.png
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