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Rice Husk Ash and Milling Unit

Reichwerde Industries, located in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, stands as a testament to modern rice milling excellence. Established in 1998, this state-of-the-art rice mill boasts an impressive daily processing capacity of around 75 tonnes, making it a vital player in the region's rice production landscape.

What sets Reichwerde Industries apart is its commitment to innovation and quality. The mill has embraced cutting-edge technology by installing a Satake milling system. This advanced system ensures efficient and precise rice processing, resulting in high-quality rice products. The Satake system's automation and quality control measures guarantee consistent, top-tier rice that adheres to industry standards.

Reichwerde Industries places a strong emphasis on quality and compliance. At every stage of the milling process, from husking to polishing and packaging, rigorous quality checks ensure that the final product meets or exceeds expectations. This commitment extends to compliance with industry regulations and safety standards, guaranteeing not only great-tasting but also safe rice products.

In a region where rice is a dietary staple and a significant agricultural product, Reichwerde Industries plays a crucial role in meeting local demands. Its substantial daily processing capacity, state-of-the-art technology, and unwavering commitment to quality and compliance make it a reliable source of high-quality rice products.


Rice Husk Ash

Pulverized Rice Husk Ash  for 

Refractory Uses

Idli Rice/ Ponni Rice

Export Grade Idli and Ponni Rice 

Kranti, Ambai, Rajabhogam grades

Other Products

Rice Husk Ash Nodules

Broken rice for feeds

Rice husk for boilers

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